B e l l H e l m e t s, C a m p a i g n o f T e r r o r

  • The one company most responsible for the decline in young cyclists across the US.
  • By carrying out their Campaign of Terror Bell has chosen to misrepresent the dangers of cycling in order to sell helmets.
  • Bell Helmet has also paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbyists to promote mandatory helmet laws across the US and elsewhere, against the wishes of a majority of cyclists who oppose such laws.
  • Inaccurate claims and fear mongering, clearly visible in this ad, are responsible for the large number of parents who drive their children to and from school even though they might live only a few blocks away.
  • Bell's scare tactic advertising
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    Only you can do something about this company's misleading and unethical marketing. Please do not purchase products manufactured by Bell (or their wholly-owned subsidiary Giro) and write them with your thoughts.
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